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Imperial Armour - Apocalypse 1st Edition. Wasp Assault Walker. Imperial Armour 8 - Raid on Kastorel-Novem. Update Imperial Armour - Apocalypse 2nd Edition. Imperial Armour - Apocalypse II.

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Imperial Armour - Aeronautica. Horus Heresy 1 - Betrayal. Imperial Armour - Apocalypse 3rd Edition. Fire Raptor Gunship. Tempest Heavy Grav Tank 1. Monstrous Arcanum. Mine Plough 1. In Stock Only. Product Name Filter. Product Line. Hornet Light Tank. Condition: EX.

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Condition: VG. Condition: NM. Aquisitor 1. Post a Comment. As always all the important bits below:. Charting the course of the bloody wars that followed the apostate Cardinal Xaphan's conquest of the Imperial fortress world of Vraks, this war zone includes three full Apocalypse missions, as well as character profiles and Finest Hours for the war's key participants, and Strategic Assets and Unnatural Disasters unique to the Vraks conflict. PHP 9, Very OOP rare.

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This is a professionally painted and assembled forgeworld leviathan dreadnought. The price also includes the professionally painted and assembled Lucius drop pod. PHP 17, Fire raptor gunship Forgeworld New In Bag. Condition is New. PHP 10, Invictarii armour is finely detailed, artificer-wrought power armour bestowed upon warriors of the Ultramarines Legion in honour of the deeds they have accomplished in service to the Imperium. It is often worn by those who have served in the elite echelon of warriors known as the Invictarus Suzerains before being assigned command.

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The item has been painted in the heraldry of the Crimson Fists chapter. The Volkite Culverin is the most potent man-portable iteration of Volkite technology in use by the Legiones Astartes.

Its beam has a devastating effect on organic matter, explosively burning flesh into ash and jetting fire. This thing rocks. I can send you the PDF file on the rules of how to play this big boy. PHP 18, Highly durable.


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Painted and sealed. Item is put together painted for the Iron Hands chapter.

However the paint job is rough so can be altered fairly quickly and easily. Everything that's included is pictured.

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PHP 5, Forge World presently no longer produces this tank, which makes it an asset on the battlefield. PHP 4, There are multiple avaible so be sure to select the quantity you want. This upgrade set comprises five ornate resin Ultramarines Invictarii torsos featuring Ultramarines Legion iconography. There are 7 Torsos.