The Stony Path

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But a terrible secret is to shatter her dreams for ever: Michael is her half-brother, the fruit of an incestuous relationship between her father and his own sister - Michael's mother. The lovers are rent apart and Polly is left to bear the responsibility of the farm alone - for her father kills himself, unable to live with his shame.

Stony Path

Life is now a battle for survival, and Polly wonders if she will ever find happiness. But the answer to her prayers is closer than she thinks Reviews from Goodreads. FictionDB Reviews:. Paperback editions:.

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Hardcover editions:. The Stony Path : A gripping saga of love, family secrets and tragedy. Rita Bradshaw.

  1. The Stony Path: A gripping saga of love, family secrets and tragedy - Rita Bradshaw - Google книги;
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What readers are saying about The Stony Path : 'This book was unputdownable once I started reading it. It makes for a wonderful story that left me wanting more' ' Really gripping and an interesting read. Chapter Thirteen.

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Chapter Eighteen. Chapter Twentytwo. She has written many successful novels under a pseudonym and several delightful sagas under her own name.


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