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World Coal. Vol Palladian Publications Ltd. Simic, R. Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia and Montenegro. Wells Database in Drainage of Surface Mines. Ciric, D. Journal of Mining Science and Technology. Volume 1, No , pp. Teodorovic, Z. Drainage of Zagorje Coal Mine. RGF Transactions. Mining Voice. Surface Mining. Bise, Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration. Dessureault, S. University of Belgrade, pp. Dewatering of Surface Mines.

Wells in the System of Drainage of Surface Mines. Huang , Q, Talan, D. Monitoreo de Fatiga en Mineria de Superficie. La Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru. Lima, Peru. Formacion Profesional en Mineria. Hebblewhite, B. The Society of Mining Professors - a global academic community for better mining. External Review for Promotion and Tenure. Torino, Italy. Navigating Waters of Promotion and Tenure. University of Belgrade , Belgrade, Serbia. McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Tecnologia Aplicada a la Mineria. Overview of the Society of Mining Professors.

Basta, N. Kulathumani, V. Integrated Surface Mining Safety System. University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia. Badani, M. Politecnico di Torino , Torino, Italy. Salt Lake City, UT. Lexington, KY. Overview of Coal Mining Industry in the U. University of Ljubljana , Ljubljana, Slovenia. Mining Operations. Information System for Surface Mining Equipment. Graduate Seminar , West Virginia University. Morgantown, WV. Coal Mining Industry. The CO 2 Emission of the U. Phoenix, AZ. Mentoring and Staff Development Program. Celiksirt, M. C, Erkan, V. Flyrock Phenomena in Blasting. Charleston, WV. Preprint , pp.

ICCOMSET 2018 - The 1st International Conference on Computer, Science, Engineering and Technology

Denver, CO. Santiago, Chile. Komljenovic, D, Kecojevic, V. Nashville, TN. Banff, AB, Canada. Istanbul, Turkey. Tucson, AZ. Wroclaw, Poland. Bouzov Castle, Czech Republic. Applied Energy , 95, Fuel Cells , 12 3 , Progress in Energy and Combustion Science , 38 2 , Wind Energy , 15 2 , Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power , 4 , Journal of the Intensive Care Society , 13 1 , Fuel Processing Technology , 93 1 , Combustion Science and Technology , 12 , Fuel Processing Technology , 92 12 , Fuel Processing Technology , 92 11 , International Journal of Coal Preparation and Utilization , 31 5 , Chemical Engineering Research and Design , 89 9 , International Journal of Hydrogen Energy , 36 Fuel Processing Technology , 92 8 , Acta Astronautica , 69 , International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control.

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Energy and Fuels , 22 1 , Process Safety and Environmental Protection , 85 5 , Fuel , 86 , Proceedings of the Combustion Institute , 31 2 , Combustion Science and Technology , 8 , Fuel , 85 , Journal of the Energy Institute , 79 2 , Combustion Science and Technology , 4 , Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power , 2 , Fuel , 84 17 , Journal of Fuel Cell Science and Technology , 2 4 , International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer , 32 10 , AIAA Journal , 43 10 , Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence , 18 7 , Applied Catalysis B: Environmental , 60 , Journal of Fuel Cell Science and Technology 4.

Proceedings of the Combustion Institute , 30 2 , Journal of the Energy Institute , 77 , Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power , 3 , Process Safety and Environmental Protection , 82 2 , Progress in Energy and Combustion Science , 30 3 , Journal of the Institute of Energy , 76 , Combustion Theory and Modelling , 7 3 , Ingenia 17 , Bioenergy Review , 1 1 , Fuel , 82, Clean Air , 3 3 , Clean Air , 3 1 , Journal of Propulsion and Power , 17 2 , Progress in Energy and Combustion Science , 27 6 , Faraday Discussions , 1 , Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering , International Journal of Ambient Energy , 21 3 , Proceedings of the Combustion Institute , 28 2 , Process Safety and Environmental Protection , 78 1 , It start from the perspective of the classroom, examples discussed the ability of solidworks to establish basic volume model, dynamic display the difficult issues in the This paper, based on core competence theory and the questionnaire survey conducted in scholars involved in design researches and education, by means of factor analysis, developed the core competence measures including such first-order measures as academic resources, professional competence and professional MOOC has become a new field of higher education in recent years.

This paper reviews some literatures on MOOC and analyzes differences between foreign and Chinese studies, The modern education technology is increasingly applied to the morality teaching. This brings the greater impact to the traditional teaching mode. Through the questionnaire survey and long-term practice, this article compared the advantages and the disadvantages of the application of the modern education In today's world, science and technology rapidly progress with information technology as the main symbol.

The informatization of social life and the globalization of economic activity make foreign language become the important tool of our country opening to the outside world and associate with countries Micro-teaching has a rapid development in recent years in China. As a most important part of micro-teaching, instructional design is elaborated in four areas, clearing teaching object, designing micro-lessons based on cognitive rules, reasonable analysis method and appropriate blackboard design.

The modern information technology applied in university literature teaching, which has the incomparable advantage than traditional teaching method. The profound changes of the teaching method, teaching subject and teaching content are produced by the integrated process of information technology resources Under such new situation, colleges shall further enhance the awareness about the necessity In this paper, an algebraic method for solving indefinite integrals of a class of functions is proposed. The essence of the method is to construct a linear space spanned by the class of functions; thus, the derivative operator is a linear transformation of the linear space.

By calculating the value of Not all colleges and universities for elite education mode; Employment employment dilemma, have prompted us to thinking about the classification of Education; Set up a complete modern vocational education system, come up with a modern occupation education system standards and evaluation methods, given At present, the laboratories of universities are facing problems of high-cost, low utilization and hard to manage.

Cloud computing can use several workstations and terminal clients to form a virtual computing lab and build a lab workstation platform through cloud computing architecture. This paper proposes Along with the goal of higher education promulgated, in which the cultivation of applied talents was proposed, the cultivation of students' engineering capabilities attracted the attention of higher educators increasingly.

Engineering training teaching mode of mechanical drawing was proposed, which focus The construction of course website of Assembly Language Programming in Northeastern University is introduced in this paper. The overall thought and main functionality are explained. The design of teaching content, the strategy of interaction and feedback, the strategy of evaluation, and the implementation Study on the role of team spirit in university in the construction of class collective Yawei Zhu, Yuanjun Qi. Class is the main carrier of student's growth as the basic organization of the students.

In the construction of class of the new period, we should integrate the team consciousness gradually into traditional concept of collectivism on the basis of learning organization of the five elements, leading college Contents of the college student work constantly enrich and develop, but the purpose of managing and educating people unchanged. Student leaders being both students and cadres shoulder the functions of education, management, and services. Student leaders through exercise to improve their overall quality, Aim at the general problem of software project management curriculum, this paper proposes some reform ideas for the course teaching, including improve teaching mode, teaching methods.

We use project-driven, scenario teaching, case studies teaching and large software project management simulating to enhance Based on its layer architecture, this paper analyzes the curriculum policy for IOT Engineering and its correlations with other professional courses, and finally Considering the international generality of knowledge related to structural analysis of organic compounds, we tried to explore internationalization of curriculum Structural Analysis of Organic Compounds. Intercultural and internationalized contents were added to current curriculum by the infusion way In the big data era, for us humans, forgetting have been the norm and remembering the exception.

This paper uses Coal Mine Training Center of Shandong Province for the empirical case, focuses on the analysis above, vice ore grade, Shandong Province, management problems and deficiencies cadres training through literature, surveys and comparative research methods, explores new situation management As the alternative of the traditional cash settlement, non-cash settlement has the inimitable advantages of high efficiency, low cost and high speed, compared with cash settlement. The non-cash settlement is the result in this era with rapid development of information society, an important way to improve The preliminary understanding about creative thinking and discussion of clinician Ruiyu Li, Shuying Hou.

This thesis introduces the preliminary understanding about creative thinking and discussion of clinician with the following aspects. The primary cognition about what the relationship of creation and science is. Creative thinking and the responsibility sense of National pride and history. Creative thinking The design of knowledge flow Mechanism within Virtual technology innovation team Qin-qin Zhao. Identifying the critical success factors to the knowledge flow mechanism of VTIT and taking targeted strategies is helpful to improve the efficiency of knowledge flows and knowledge creation.

In this In addition to classroom teaching, practical teaching is also very important. With the increasing of the international education communication, many local universities are studying the overseas professional training mode, emphasizing the practice and innovation. In order to make our education level meet the international standards, and provide students a better platform to practice, The close combination of theoretical teaching with practical teaching is a characteristic of software engineering majors and it is a difficult problem to enhance the practical teaching during the teaching processes.

Aiming at different courses over stressing theoretical teaching or practical teaching, In teaching of computer language, how can we improve their hearing of hearing-impaired students featured with special physiological characteristics and reduce the inconvenience and obstacles caused during teaching knowledge in the most effective way In this research, we have applied simulation technology China's accession to WTO has significantly sped up the process of integration into the world economy.

Causes and countermeasures on the outflow of talent in enterprise management Meng Zhai, Yong Qi. For the Chinese enterprise that hopes to grow fast and enter the competition in the market at home and abroad in the face of world economic integration, whether it can create and retain a high quality, high cohesion of the enterprise management team will be the key to survival and development and the How to determine the professional moral evaluation factors and build up comprehensive and objective Traditional teaching mode generally is based on classroom teaching,teaching is generally implemented step by step in accordance with the teaching materials.

Teachers should establish a student "oriented" concept,impose on students more humane care,change the "indoctrination" approach with democracy grooming This article analyses on the translation skills of EST English for Science and Technology from the title, vocabulary, nominalization, passive voice as well as language fragments phenomenon.

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It is in connection with benefit of the graduates, reflecting the quality and competition, and influencing recruit students and scope, and affecting subsistence and development, how to compete and take up an occupation rate the higher vocational college. It is absolutely necessarily course to set up Firstly, the teaching contents and outline adjusted, The curriculum implementation is the important way to ensure kindergarten can carry out teaching and maintain quality of education.

The main problem that constrains the quality of town kindergarten fine art curriculum implementation is that it has been marginalization and alienation. In this paper, we This is an educational art by designing teaching situations cleverly to improve teaching effectiveness. It has many advantages in politics class. Politics teachers can use a variety of materials cleverly to create teaching situation. In order to create a valuable teaching situation, teachers must master Language is the tool of communication for people.

Every language is deeply stamped with the brand of gender, even within the same gender. This paper specializes in the pragmatic features in Chinese Wenjun Zeng. This paper analyzes the existing problems on teaching resources database of colleges , expounds the features and advantages of cloud computing, besides, throw out some suggestion for college teaching resource database construction strategy and operation management mechanism based on cloud computing , With the development of economic globalization, increasing competition market, the enterprise also had higher requirements to talent quality.

The enterprise demands a new kind of compound talents with occupation competitiveness.

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The higher occupation education how to reform the current teaching mode, However, there exists lots of problems in the evaluation of traditional English learning in higher vocational Badminton Footwork is an important part of the badminton technology, learning and mastering the quick and accurate method is to lay the important link of badminton.

In the process of actual learning badminton technology, people often focus on technique study but do not care too much footwork training, According to analyzing the features of local universities and professional civil engineering, the innovative practice teaching method of civil engineering are explored in local universities.

In the construction and management of innovation practice teaching, the close combination of school practice teaching The effect of the practice teaching plays a crucial role in improving teaching quality and implementing training target of innovative talents. In the implementation process of the training plan for civil engineering specialty engineers, it is explored that the practice teaching link in the cultivation It is worth exploring to us how to realize win-win for individual Engineering Geology, as the foundation course of civil engineering, is featured by strong practicality.

Aiming at the cultivation objective of the civil engineering undergraduate education, based on the training program, in virtue of the CDIO educational concept and method, this paper suggest a reform This paper is an in-depth and comprehensive research on the reading cultures in colleges and universities in China which includes its current status, problems and proposals about its construction. The public computer education in university is facing new challenges.

Employers require computer application ability of college students, and the requirements differ according to different major. In this paper, a teaching mode reformation was promoted, which combined teaching content with specific major Nowadays, the research of intelligent library has changed from technical to the core idea of human nature. Intelligent library refers the application of intelligent sensing environment and integrated information service platform.

Effect of the grinding behaviour of coal blends on coal utilisation for combustion

Its characteristics are technology-based, service-cored, environment-perception Under the new economic times,enterprises are confronted with increasingly fierce competition. How to use the most convenient and efficient way for employee training has become the key to the development of enterprise and become important research direction of enterprise training. Through the analysis of This paper analyzes the economic management category talents cultivation problem of colleges and universities in China, expounds the necessity and urgency of cultivate students' practical ability and innovation ability, sets the production management as an object, puts forward the basic train of thought This paper mainly concerns the employment imbalance issue of the graduates in Wuhan colleges and universities from to based on the analysis of the higher education major structure and statistical analysis, and then comes up with the corresponding countermeasures to increase the employment rate This paper analyzes the environmental accounting information of 14 listed companies in petroleum industry, and summarizes the problems which exist in the disclosure of environmental accounting information in our country.

Finally, combined with foreign advanced experience, the paper gives recommendations, The problem of financing difficulties has always been the bottleneck of restricting the existence and development of the small micro- enterprise. The article mainly discussed how to solve the problem of financing difficulties, and the innovative development of the small micro-finance.

It also suggests The developing of agricultural industry is still lag in china, comparing with other industries. The fund has become the weakness The virtual instrument technology is the current development trend of measurement technology and one of the required courses in electronic and information engineering. This article studies teaching reform that combines the theory teaching, professional courses- penetrated in experiment project and project-oriented Information management is an emerging and comprehensive interdisciplinary discipline with the development of information science, computer and communications technology in recent years.

Meanwhile Information Management is one of an important courses for e-commerce major college students. However, due Computer Control Technology is an important course for university students of electrical engineering and automation major. This paper analyzes the problems in traditional way of teaching by introducing Proteus simulation software in teaching. We analysis in detail the application of Proteus in teaching According to the China's continuing education situation of the higher Chinese medicine universities, author analyzes the continuing education innovation problems in the higher Chinese medicine universities, and discusses and puts forward the higher Chinese medicine universities continuing innovation This paper introduces the necessity of sunshine sports fitness promenade construction.

In order to real-time acquire the students' physical training process data, sensors are installed at each monitoring sites and RS network was constructed. The students' physique monitoring and analysis system are In this paper, we investigate main problems in engineering graduation design, study and analyze reasons of these problems from several aspects. Then several measures are provided to solve them, including educational system, teacher management, student management, and process management of graduation Combining each factor, we offered an effective way to improve self-learning Currently, there are a lot of researches on project-based teaching for software technology of High vocational Education, these researches mainly take one curriculum as the carrier and received some achivements.

However, due to the lack of collaboration of professional courses related project and adequate The architecture and function of the system are analyzed roundly and a comprehensive solution of online learning platform is put forward, which may help to solve a series of problems such as low efficiency, poor practicality, and non-ideal effect in remote teaching and so on being in the present network Graduate Qi Zhou, Zaigen Mu.

At present, most of the students in full-time M.

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Smart education refers to intelligence of educational environment, educational resources, education management and education services, which is used to achieve positive interaction among education bodies. Smart education regards information processing as the carrier, and intelligent operation as the With the increasing of openness, the competition between enterprises in our country is increasingly fierce.

For this reason, under the background of the current new period, explore enterprise economic management Convention is one of the most important sectors within the business travel and also one of the fastest growing segments in world tourism. This research is aimed to study the perception of marketing mix of Research and development of hot spring tourism mountain Based on the study of Henan Lu Shan Mountain hot spring tourism development as an example Zhi-Hui Li.

Hot spring tourism has become one of the ways for people to vacation and leisure priority. The development of spa tourism in Lu Shan Mountain County, this paper studies the object is still in the initial stage, existing resources development and protection, the coexistence of sustainable development The social responsibility of corporation and its impact on the reformation of corporate governance structure: a discussion from the perspective of law Beiling Li, Jing Wang.

Corporation social responsibility is no longer only a concept existing in theoretical research field, but has extended its scope into solving practical problems. The emergence and development of theories concerning corporation social responsibility has exerted a vast and even subversive influence on On the nature of prepaid membership card Lin Zheng. This article is mainly in an attempt to define the nature of prepaid membership card in our country through the analysis of foreign legislation in The "daily" factors research in contemporary painting take Arikha for example Zhen Wang.

Ningxia halal industry financing problem research Xiaoqin Cheng. The article takes halal products enterprises in Ningxia as the research object, analyzes halal products production enterprise's financing way and financing problem, and puts forward countermeasures and suggestions to solve financing difficulties in view of problems that exist in the process of Ningxia Due to the rapid rise of the economy and population environment and resources are exposed to more and more pressures.

The economy of the vicinities of the lakes and reservoirs all around of our nation is now going up quickly. And at the same time, the quality requirement of water grows while the supply Along with the economic development of China, now people's material life level has been effectively enhanced.

The high-end consumption car in the past has entered ordinary families. In the process of people enjoying the convenience brought by cars, broad prospects also have been brought to corresponding This study focused on how Chinese companies effectively learn from success and failures during the corporate entrepreneurship and organizational change process.

International Pittsburgh Coal Conference

A contingency model was This paper is on how to improve the students' active learning enthusiasm under the condition of not correct college students' learning attitude. From the status analysis, the paper studies solution measures and effects. On hotel service quality improvement Jun Qi. Hotel travel students can only better improve their comprehensive quality and ability in hotel service field, and ultimately contribute talents to the improving of hotel service quality.

This paper carried on a shallow The present situation analysis on humanized management in Lijiang first class hotels Shanshan Yu, Yan Li. With the rapid development of Lijiang tourism, hotel industry there also exposed some problems. A serious problem is the relationship between employee turnover and humanized management. Lijiang first class hotels are mostly international hotels and domestic national hotels.

By comparing studies of humanized This paper is a study on the application of lexical-chunk theory proposed by Lewis in college English teaching, aiming at investigating what specific difficulties learners probably meet in chunk learning process by means of translation tests. Research results indicate that in the chunk learning process, For a country rich in human resources, one of the critical factors is a team of double-certificate teachers with good morality and skills who are important for the development of compound labourers. Taking some vocational colleges in Chongqing as an example, this survey is focused on the professional In , Jilin City became one of the first low-carbon economy development pilot cities in China officially. From then on the low-carbon economy development status had become a hot issue in Jilin. This paper analyzes the low-carbon economy development status in Jilin City and proposes countermeasures The U.

Financial crisis have presented new challenges to China's financial risk management, so which countermeasures should we take has become an important issue for us. With the enlargement of graduate flexible employment, its category and characteristics have also diversified. Therefore, it is of great importance to optimize and improve relevant policies, social security and educational propaganda to promote the flexible employment of university graduates. With the Meanwhile, the mode of the division of labor in the translation project This paper introduces the scholars' research findings on the effectiveness of tax incentive policies in the photovoltaic industry.

Then, from the perspective of the tax burden of photovoltaic listed companies, this paper analyzes the status quo of tax incentives in China's photovoltaic industry. Innovation and entrepreneurship education, with its significant strategic importance and educational value, has aroused wide attention and has been generally recognized by general colleges and universities. Equally, the Open University developing innovation and entrepreneurship education is also great As a professional activity, audit materiality judgment can be measured by its performance, i.

This research survey auditing materiality judgment performance in our country with the aid of experimental research method, providing simulating environment and key clues At present, the number of graduate is growing larger and lager in China, while the education resource for graduate is comparatively limited.

Under the guidance of university-industry policy of China, many universities try to cooperate with industry to educate graduate. This paper does analysis of the During the last ten years mathematic education in China focuses on promoting students to develop their mathematic modeling competences. In this paper, we want to concentrate on the problem in traditional mathematical modeling course. We give a brief introduction to the current status of the course in In the era of knowledge economy, in order to maintain their survival and development, enterprises should continue to carry out technological innovation.

The scale and strength of research and development investment is important At the same time , compared with the sluggish market In the era of booming market economy, the cultural resource has become the important influential factor to promote the growth of economy. Time-honored brand enterprises, based on modern design and brand theories, should conform to this trend and explore own effective cultural resources to promote added With the continuous deepening of market-oriented reform, small and medium-sized private enterprises SMPEs developed rapidly, gradually becoming the important component of national economy, and exerting more and more important role in national economy.

However, in recent years, lots of SMPEs that dominated Reflections on the scientific understanding of the advantages of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics Yong Liu. Scientific understanding of the advantages of socialism with Chinese characteristics system should have three basic perspective, one of those is the theoretical understanding of method: the theory of scientific socialism, the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the theoretical system of Early childhood teachers' practical knowledge is the foundation of their professional development.

The development of practical knowledge can effectively enhance the professional identity, strengthen the self-development consciousness, and increase the practical ability of the early childhood teachers This paper discussed learning motivation differences among computer science students in financial college. To present it, computer science students were surveyed. The questionnaire showed the situation of these students' learning motivation, The paper mainly adopts Cronbach , frequency analysis, The improvement of English teaching depends on the understanding of the learning process.

This study aimed to explore how the translating of traditional scientific vocabulary into plain English influences student achievement in food fermentation and brewing university courses. The Data were collected from course sections instructed with traditional vocabulary, which is only translated and Use of mental health survey of university students in Nanjing five independent schools in the study of college students conducted a survey.

The results showed that: Since the variables of age, gender, grade, professional types, should be successive, places of origin, whether the one-child, universities