Gendered Discourses

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Modern scholarship has acknowledged this more nuanced image of the practice of travel, but the ways in which men and women travellers interacted with each other while en route have not yet been a systematic focus of scholarly attention. The present volume aims to fill that gap.

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We invite scholars to contribute to this study by looking at discourses that underlie texts dealing with men and women travelling together. We welcome papers that focus on any particular text or genre that belongs to the broad category of pre-modern, modern and postmodern travel literature. Papers might deal with all questions related to travel, gender and texts, e. Please send your word abstract by April 1 to F. Meens let. Please note that your abstract must describe original work that has not been published previously and should not have been submitted for publication elsewhere.

The abstracts will be peer-reviewed by June 1, and the authors of the selected papers will be asked to deliver their final version no later than October 15, The final paper should be words in length. The publication language will be English.

Negotiating Gendered Discourses

CfP Edited Volume : Who carries the luggage? Gendered discourses on companionship in travel writing Your network editor has reposted this from H-Announce. April 1, Subject Fields:.

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The only use of a gentleman in travelling is to look after the luggage, and we take care to have no luggage. Each paper pays close attention to both structural constraints and the ways women at least attempt to resist. The essays in the opening section analyze the body and its adornments.

Kathy Davis writes about why women choose cosmetic surgery, placing their answers in the context of dominant discourses about female beauty, but also showing how women interpret their choices as in their own best interests. Elizabeth Wilson looks at fashion, showing how lesbians construct their sexual identity through clothing. In another paper on clothing, Linda Arthur studies women in the Mennonite community who both reinforce the dress code and resist it. The focus of the middle section is on the ways power and resistance work in institutional settings, including health care, social work, the legal system, education, and housing.

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Sue Fisher looks the contrasting discursive practices of doctors and nurse practicioners. Linda Gordon studies how women in the nineteenth century stood up for their needs and rights when they dealt with social service agencies.

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The legal system is the institution Ann-Louise Shapiro studies. She explores how female criminals in Paris used discourse on gender to their own advantage, creating some freedom within the margins of expectations for feminine conduct.

Nina Gregg asks why some Yale clerical workers went out on strike while others did not. She places the workers' decisions in the context of their multiple identities.

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Rob Rosenthal explores housing, showing how homeless women are not always passive victims. The final section examines cultural discourses in negotiations about gender in popular culture. Each contributor treats dominant discourses as multilayered, complex, and contested. Norma Moruzzi analyzes women urban guerrillas in the film "The Battle of Algiers," showing how women resist those in power. Television is at the center of Elspeth Probyn's essay.

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"Administration, Emotional Labor, and Gendered Discourses of Power: A F" by Michelle Payne

She looks at the scene of two women kissing on L. Law, analyzing the scene in terms of cultural discourse about women's choices.

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In the final essay, Susan Bordo explores women's attempts to remake their bodies, reminding us that there are limits to women's agency because actions are embedded in a web of power and domination. Taken together these essays show how theory is grounded in everyday events and attitudes. The contributors interpret power and resistance in terms of both domination and agency.

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