Biofunctional Membranes

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His research deals with the integration of biological functions into polymer materials, the synthesis of multifunctional patchy particles and self-assembly techniques to yield functional nanostructures. This contribution discusses various approaches to create programmable soft matter either by directly incorporating functional biomolecules into polymeric materials or by transferring concepts conceived by nature to fully artificial materials. The first approach involves the synthesis of polymer-protein conjugates and their self-assembly to form biofunctional membranes.

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We introduce a new strategy using engineered natural protein channels decorated with polymer chains followed by self-assembly at a fluid interface to form ultrathin, permeable and highly selective membranes. A similar strategy can be used to incorporate sensitive enzymes into a fluid-like polymer membrane environment, thus allowing to almost completely retaining their initial activity after immobilization and even boosting their temperature stability.

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The second example is aiming towards creating artificial materials systems that are able to self-replicate. To achieve this, an indispensable prerequisite is the multi-directional control of interactions between the building blocks of materials.

Catalytic biofunctional membranes containing site-specifically immobilized enzyme arrays: a review

To achieve this goal, reliable methods need to be developed for controlling the formation of solid-supported lipid membranes and the deposition, incorporation, and addressing of biological entities, from molecules to cells. This review focuses on a versatile approach that combines the formation of solid-supported lipid bilayers SLBs by deposition of lipid vesicles with the adsorption of proteins and formation of ordered protein layers via specific interaction with ligands incorporated in the SLBs.

This approach provides access to basic aspects of membrane biophysics, membrane-protein interactions, and molecular ordering in two dimensions.

Introduction to Membrane Preparation

It may also constitute a strategy for the design of biofunctional surfaces at the nanoscale. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Scientists have placed a layer of graphene on top of a fatty lipid monolayer, as a first step towards surrounding graphene with a shell of lipids.

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